Why Would Someone Need a Root Canal Twice?

Indianapolis Endodontics

Root canals are a common dental procedure, but sometimes they need to be repeated. There are several reasons why a root canal may need to be done twice, such as if the canals are too narrow or calcified for the doctor to notice and remain infected even after the first procedure. It may also be necessary if the patient arrives in a lot of pain, or if the tooth is hard and difficult to work on. In these cases, it may be necessary to perform a second endodontic treatment, one that may be more complicated or challenging than the first.

Understanding Endodontic Treatment: Process, Benefits, and Importance of Seeking a Specialist

Before undergoing endodontic treatment, the patient is likely to experience extreme sensitivity to cold and heat, and to feel pain when pressure is applied to the tooth. Most dentists prefer to perform an endodontic treatment in two separate appointments, as this ensures that the tooth is completely clean, sealed and protected from further damage. If a highly qualified dentist performed the first endodontic treatment, the second one may not work. In cases where the root canal network and anatomy are difficult, the experience of an endodontist, a dental specialist in endodontic treatments, may be required.

Seeking a Second Opinion in Endodontic Treatment and the Importance of Taking Time for Quality Care.

If you're not comfortable with your dentist's skill level, you can seek a second opinion from a dentist who is an expert in root canal treatment. I think one of the best things about endodontics is that you can close it and come back to it another day. Most patients who come for a new treatment do so in two separate visits, since they always tend to have a more serious infection than a patient who is only having an initial endodontic treatment. And although high-angle ducts are rare, when they exist, they increase the likelihood that a repeat endodontic procedure will be needed.

I take this approach because root canals are very sensitive to techniques and I want to take my time, do it well and provide each patient with the highest quality care.